Liege Waffle Mix

Liege Waffle Makers

Our selection of carefully chosen and tested Liege Waffle Makers are trusted by bakers in Belgium and America for decades. All irons are of cast material ensuring the necessary heat to fully caramelize your Belgian sugar pearls. Complement your choice of waffle maker with our baking tools.

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Patisse Waffle Fork
A visit to the local Belgian bake shop reveals the single tool every professional gaufre baker has i..
Krampouz Liege Waffle Iron WECDHAAS
Based on 4 reviews.
The Krampouz waffle maker is equipped with cast steel iron waffle plates in a stainless steel frame...
$1,099.00 $869.00
Waffle Pantry Bowl Scraper
Based on 1 reviews.
Scrape every last bit of batter, dough and ingredients from mixing bowls, containers and countertops..