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Krampouz Liege Waffle Iron WECDHAAS (120 Volts) EURODIB

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Krampouz Liege Waffle Iron WECDHAAS (120 Volts) EURODIB

For an in depth analsysis and comparison of commercial Liege waffle irons, please read our relevant blog article.

The Krampouz WECDHAAS waffle maker is equipped with cast steel iron waffle plates in a stainless steel frame. The cast steel iron plates are key to any professional Liege waffle iron, as its physical properties allow the irons to retain maximum levels of heat as well as provide homogenous heat distribution. It additionally contains a patented "Heating Element Pack" that provides optimal heat distriution throughout the iron plates. Its thermostatic control and heating indicator allows you to precisely control the cooking temperature between 122 - 572°F (30 - 300°C). This is ideal to achieve the caramelization effect of pearl sugar in Liege waffles.

The waffle iron's opening range is a full 180°, granting perfect distribution of dough over both surfaces. The design of the waffle iron allows you easy removal of the iron plates for easy and thorough cleaning. The stainless steel frame is durable and equipped with protected controls for easy care. The waffle iron also includes a drip tray to prevent spills.

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Waffle Iron
Compliance NSF/ANSI 4
Opening 180°
Waffle Type 4 × 7 Liège
No. of Waffles 2
Waffle Size 7.5" W × 4.3" D × 0.9" H
Product Dimensions 16.61" W x 23.18" D x 9.13" H
Amperage 12
Volts 110
Watts 1440
Material Stainless Steel Frame, Cast Iron plates
Origin France
Plug Type NEMA 5-15P
7 reviews
Great customer service!!! Will definitely keep purchasing from them. Waffle Iron works great so far.
7 reviews
Great iron from Krampouz. We have a commercial outlet using this and it works great. Has no problem keeping up with the volume and is easy to maintain. Waffle Pantry has the BEST customer service to get you all set and make sure you have everything you need. Thanks!!!
7 reviews
We bought it for home use. Cooks great waffles. Our kids like them just as much as the ones we had on our last vacation. We are going to try churros dough next.
7 reviews
Love the machine! Great bake on the waffles and clean up is SOOOOOOO EASY! We will be purchasing another!
7 reviews
YES IT IS PRICEY! But shop around and Waffle Pantry to date, has the best price PLUS It is nice to be able to call and TALK with and EXPERIENCED person as far as answering questions about the Waffle Iron or its use or care.. NOW as far as the IRON, CAST IRON COMMERCIAL GRADE EQUIPMENT! Rebuild-able if a part fails and easy to disassemble if need be to clean, I seasoned it as per instructed, I used laser temp gauge to see actual heat. It Takes about 30 minutes to heat up to 190 celsius which I have found best to cook Belgium waffles 190-200c WELL BUILT! I am adding waffles to my business menu My 3000 watt Generator supplies ample electricity to operate the Iron and I believe this machine will do the trick! If your serious about Waffles, This Waffle Iron and Waffle Pantry is the place to shop..Go Big! Or go home! lol..

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