Wholesale Pricing: Waffle Mix & Pearl Sugar

Authorized Reseller Policy



Wholesale pricing is provided by Cambridgeshire Corp DBA Waffle Pantry (“Waffle Pantry”) to “Reseller” based solely on Reseller’s compliance with Waffle Pantry's Terms and Conditions contained in this document. This agreement applies to all products bearing the trademarks registered by Waffle Pantry which include but are not limited to Waffle Pantry® and our Waffle Pantry Logo (“Products”). By applying for a Wholesale account and obtaining Products from Waffle Pantry at wholesale pricing, Reseller enters into a contract with Waffle Pantry that is governed by these Reseller Agreement Terms and Conditions.

Waffle Pantry’s standard invoice terms and conditions shall apply to all Product purchases. Nothing contained in any purchase order or other correspondence between Waffle Pantry and Reseller will modify or add to these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time.

Any Reseller failing to comply with this Reseller Agreement will face immediate termination of its account, revocation of its Authorized Reseller status, and/or further legal action. Violations of this Resale Policy or other Waffle Pantry policies may be reported to Waffle Pantry’s corporate headquarters at 1-530-423-5784.

This version of the Resale Policy is effective as of September 13th, 2013 and supersedes all prior versions.


1. Reseller may not sell to Customers located outside of the territory without advance written approval from Waffle Pantry. This includes selling or shipping Waffle Pantry products or repackaged and/or relabeled Waffle Pantry products including as part of another product to end consumers online if your Territory does not include the online channel.

2. “Authorized Sales Channels” shall include: (i) Reseller’s own physical store locations; (ii) Reseller’s temporary storefronts at events and tradeshows; and (iii) catalog.

3. Resellers may not sell in bulk to B2B accounts, wholesalers, or freight forwarders/drop-shippers for other retailers. Sell to your end consumers only.

4. Reseller SHALL NOT promote, market, advertise, offer to sell or sell any Waffle Pantry Products or repackaged and/or relabeled Waffle Pantry products including as part of another product on or through any online marketplace or auctions service including, but not limited to Amazon.com (.ca, .com.mx, .co.uk, .de, .fr, .it, .es, .jp, .com.au), Ebay.com, Walmart.com, Jet.com, Buy.com, Craigslist.com, Newegg.com, Overstock.com, Rakuten.com, and Sears.com.

5. Reselling Waffle Pantry Products on a website(s) that attempts to use Waffle Pantry’s trademarks (Waffle Pantry®) in whole or in part as the website domain is prohibited.

6. Reselling Waffle Pantry Products on a website(s) that contains only Waffle Pantry® branded Products is prohibited.

7. All Products must be advertised for sale at the agreed Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) or higher unless approved in writing by Waffle Pantry MAPP administrator.

8. Waffle Pantry reserves the right to terminate existing business relationships or refuse to sell to Resellers who misrepresent information on the new account form.

9. If misrepresentation or fraud with regard to any aspect of the application is suspected, Waffle Pantry further reserves the right to retroactively charge the Reseller for any discounts applied on past invoices.

10. If required, Waffle Pantry can terminate the account without any possibility of reinstatement and require that all company inventory in Reseller’s possession be returned within 7 business days following account termination.

11. Waffle Pantry reserves the right to pursue legal action against any individual or entity found guilty of violating the terms of the Reseller agreement.

12. IMPORTANT NOTE:  Waffle Pantry supports authorized sales of its Products (except for Internet Restricted Products); however, Waffle Pantry actively participates in the Amazon.com Brand Registry Program and similar programs to prevent the advertising and sale of unauthorized, unlicensed, infringing, and/or counterfeit merchandise.  Any unauthorized sales of Waffle Pantry Products on Amazon, eBay or other sites will be removed as they are discovered. Ads from online sellers offering any auctions or advertising sales will also be regularly removed or taken down.