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3 Piece Liege Waffle Tool Kit

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3 Piece Liege Waffle Tool Kit

The Krampouz 3 Piece Liege Waffle Iron Tool Kit helps you bake perfect Belgian waffles, handle waffles with ease and breeze through clean up. Keep your waffle iron in pristine condition with the help of Krampouz's specially-designed waffle pick, stainless steel wire brush, and soft silicone pastry brush.

The waffle pick is equipped with stainless steel tips (6.7") and a plastic handle (3.9") to help Liege waffles glide off the waffle iron and on to plates effortlessly. The wire brush and pastry brush are specifically designed to remove debris from the hard-to-reach nooks of any waffle iron.

Based in Brittany, France, Krampouz is recognized for its reputation in manufacturing high-quality, long-lasting baking equipment and tools.

Waffle Iron
Origin France
Warranty 3 months

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