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We service a wide range of business customers including, restaurants, cafes, bakeries, food trucks, and more. Our wholesale program gives you exclusive access to the most competitive pricing in the marketplace for Liege waffle ingredients and equipment. We can provide you with various solutions and dedicated support to complete your recipe and menu.

Wholesale Belgian Pearl Sugar

As the largest importer of Belgian pearl sugar, we’re able to offer unparalleled pricing and customer service. Our pearl sugar ranges between 5-6 millimeters in size and is what has traditionally been used by professional bakers across Belgium. The pearls are made using a patented compression technique, allowing them to achieve a high density for optimal heat resistance. This density is what allows the sugar to caramelize (rather than burn) and gives them a more opaque appearance.

Wholesale Liege Waffle Mix

We manufacture our own Liege waffle mix which provides you consistent results with ease. Our mix is formulated with all-natural ingredients and guarantees to yield high quality, fresh Liege waffles. With each bag of mix we provide the amount of pearl sugar and yeast needed to complete the recipe, at no additional cost. This offers a valuable solution to your business that will simplify day-to-day operations while maintaining a low cost structure.

Commercial Liege Waffle Cast Iron

As a dealer of Krampouz and HVD products, we can offer you superior Liege waffle makers within your budget. Krampouz and HVD manufacturee a series of professional-grade cast iron Liege waffle makers that are among the best in its category. All products are sold and locally supported (parts & service) providing you a hassle free experience.

Distribution and Shipping

With warehouses both in Los Angeles, CA and Philadelphia, PA we are able to cost effectively and quickly reach all of our customers in the United States and Canada. All wholesale orders are processed within 24 business hours and shipped to you using FedEx Ground. We have competitive pre-negotiated FedEx rates available that are displayed to you during the checkout process. For reduced shipping costs we can also provide custom freight quotes.

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