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Liege Waffle Recipe



Serving Size: 12 Liege Waffles

  • 1 cup milk (20 cl of milk or 200g)
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons Lesaffre instant dry yeast (7g)
  • 4 cups pastry flour (500g)
  • 2 eggs
  • 6 tbsp. brown sugar (75g)
  • 2 tsp. vanilla extract
  • 1 generous pinch of salt
  • 10 ounces butter (300g)
  • 1 cup Waffle Pantry Belgian pearl sugar (225g)

You’ve probably fallen in love with them at a favorite cafe or a popular food truck. Golden in color and delectable in taste, Liège waffles are out of this world. Here’s how to bake them at home with a surprisingly simple recipe. Your family and friends will swoon!

Traditional Liege waffles have been enjoyed in Belgium for centuries. Liege waffles are baked from a dough rather than a batter to give you a seriously delicious, full-flavored waffle experience. These Belgian waffles are a little different than your run-of-the-mill waffle because Belgian pearl sugar is the secret and the star of our recipe. The sugar pearls are studded throughout the waffle and give every bite a crunchy, caramelized sensation.

We’ve tested and tweaked our Liege waffle recipe to perfection, so you’re destined for delicious results. You and your loved are sure to savor these homemade Liege waffles. Enjoy them as they are or top with powdered sugar, whipped cream, ripe berries, ice cream, even a drizzle of nutella!


  1. Gently heat milk to lukewarm temperature. Pour milk into a bowl and add yeast. Allow several minutes for the yeast to dissolve.
  2. Combine the flour, eggs, brown sugar, vanilla extract and salt in bowl.
  3. Using your mixer's dough hook, mix all the previous ingredients to form a dough.
  4. Add room temperature butter to dough. The dough should now have a sticky texture.
  5. Cover the dough in a bowl and let it rest for at least 2 to 3 hours. This will allow the dough's volume to double.
  6. Once risen, gently mix to allow the air to be released from within the dough. Add Waffle Pantry Belgian pearl sugar to the dough.

  7. Divide the dough into 12 roughly palm-sized balls and allow them to rest for 15 minutes.

  8. Pre-heat waffle iron and add each individual dough ball to the machine once it has reached cooking temperature. Monitor for doneness and preferred golden color.

Voila, your waffles are ready! The optimal time to serve your waffles is straight from the waffle iron. Enjoy!


15 reviews
This recipe is awesome and never disappoints. I have hosted many brunches and breakfasts and everybody loves these waffles. I have also put any left over dough in the freezer for a non special occasion delight. I highly recommend this recipe.
15 reviews
I make the batter in my bread machine, I use it for kneading the dough, works perfect. Forgot to add this to my previous review.
15 reviews
Kick ass recipe, amazing results. I follow the recipe as advised. I bake them in my cheap waffle iron around 180°c (ir thermometer check).
15 reviews
Very good. Recipe above doesn't include cinnamon amount.
15 reviews
My boyfriend bobby does valet and he came home with these boxes.OMG I thought I died and went to heaven.I've been to so many different weddings nothing like these God sent waffles.Each one taste better than the next...sorry I'm still trying to decide.I've had the waffle with peanut butter cups,canola cream,chocolate drizzle and I can't decide.I know that for any celebration these waffles people will be talking about,like me but anyway thank you for bringing heaven to us down on earth.

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