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Thanksgiving Special: Save Big on Liège Waffle Mix

Create the Thanksgiving feast you and your family dream of. You can add the bounty of crispy, caramelized Liège waffles to your table with ease with Waffle Pantry Liège Waffle Mix. Liege waffles are the perfect accompaniment to the holidays and...

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Waffle Pantry - Proud to Create Opportunities

Our goal here at Waffle Pantry is to bring you the best in Belgian pearl sugar and other rare specialty baking products. Our next objective is to be a company with socially responsible business practices that positively impacts the community.  We...

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How To Season Your Krampouz Liege Waffle Iron

Krampouz is renowned for its superior quality commercial waffle makers in professional kitchens around the world. Founded in 1949 in Brittany, France, the company offers products that are sold and locally supported (parts & service) in over...

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