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Matcha Liege Waffle Recipe

Start your day by infusing a classic Liege waffles with an energizing dose of matcha tea! These bright and rich green Matcha Liege waffle will blow your taste buds. We’ve used this age-old Japanese green tea powder to create a vibrant dish...

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Authentic Belgian Brussels Waffles Recipe

We've decided to venture out and prepare the Brussels waffles according to its traditional egg-white-leavened recipe. The lighter and crisper Belgian Brussels waffles are a treat served by many street vendors all across Belgium. They are easy to differentiate...

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Vegan Belgian Liege Waffle Recipe

We've taken our classic authentic Belgian Liege waffle recipe and made it vegan-friendly. The final result is fantasticly waffle-icious with every vegan bite! For all the vegan waffle-lovers out there, if you feel you've been missing out on the...

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