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Coffee Infused Liege Waffles

You know it’s a special day when you wake up to the sweet smell of Liege waffles and freshly brewed coffee, so why not combine these breakfast staples for an extra special treat? We've added an exciting twist to a classic by making coffee-infused...

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Gluten Free Liege Waffle Mix — You Won't Taste The Difference

Celiacs and gluten-free customer rejoice! Your waffle experience just got more exciting with Waffle Pantry's gluten-free Liege waffle mix. Uniquely formulated with all-natural ingredients and Waffle Pantry's famous Belgian Pearl Sugar, our gluten free...

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The Best Cookie Butter: Waffle Pantry Belgian Speculoos Spread

The Belgian's culinary ingenuity and commitment to all things delicious continue to dazzle us. Allow us to introduce you to Waffle Pantry's Belgian Speculoos Spread, a.k.a. the best cookie butter you'll ever taste. The History of Speculoos Spread Imagine...

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