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Introducing The New Krampouz Mini Brussels Waffle Maker

The Mini Brussels Waffle Maker from Krampouz has finally arrived. This French engineering ingenuity will make the perfect mini waffles! Make 4 Mini Brussels or Liege Waffle The Krampouz WECAWAOA (Hatco KWM18-MBR43515) comes with cast iron...

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How To Season Your HVD Waffle Iron

Your commercial grade HVD waffle iron comes with cast iron plates that you'll need to season before operating. Just simply follow our manufacturer instructions for all HVD A57 and HVD L26 models. HVD Waffle Maker Models and Specifications All...

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Matcha Liege Waffle Recipe

Start your day by infusing a classic Liege waffles with an energizing dose of matcha tea! These bright and rich green Matcha Liege waffle will blow your taste buds. We’ve used this age-old Japanese green tea powder to create a vibrant dish...

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