Wholesale Pricing: Waffle Mix & Pearl Sugar


What is Belgian pearl sugar? 

Belgian pearl sugar is a type of densely-compacted sugar derived from beets. It has a coarse texture and a pebble-like appearance.  It is the key ingredient in Liege waffles. The beets used to make our Belgian pearl sugar are grown GMO-free on Belgian farms and later refined to the highest industrial standards.

Does your Liege waffle recipe make a batter or dough?

Authentic Liege waffles are baked from a yeasted dough, not a batter.

Can I freeze dough with the pearl sugar?

Yes, you absolutely can. Another option is to freeze dough, thaw and then add pearl sugar to the dough just before baking. More information about freezing Liege waffle dough is available here.

Do I need a special waffle iron to make Liege waffles?

Liege waffles are thicker than traditional waffles, due to the dough expanding during the cooking proccess. We recommend baking with a waffle iron that has deep pockets (0.7 in to 1 in). We also suggest using a waffle iron with an adjustable heat control, as you want precise control for the sugar pearls to cook properly and to give waffles the desired golden crust. Waffle Pantry offers a selection of waffle irons that are well suited for Liege waffle baking.

Do I need special flour to make Liege waffles?

All-purpose flour works well in our recipes. If you prefer waffles with more texture, try bread flour.  If case of a wheat allergy, you may use a substitute, such as rice or quinoa flour.