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The idea behind Waffle Pantry began in historic Cambridge, England. During my studies at the University of Cambridge, I was a regular visitor of the historic market square (pictured) where stalls have been trading since the Middle Ages. Here, I befriended a local merchant from Belgium by the name of Bernard.

Bernard introduced me to the legendary taste of Belgian Liège waffles, which many consider to be one of life's greatest culinary indulgences. Liège waffles were created centuries ago by an 18th-century chef for the prince-bishop of Liège. While the recipe was not documented until 1921, Belgian pearl sugar has always been used to make traditional Liège waffles.

My experience with Belgian pearl sugar stayed with me. After the completion of my studies in England, I returned home to sunny California where I have dedicated myself to sharing the distinctive caramelized flavor of Belgian pearl sugar in Liège waffles with others.

The Waffle Pantry team has grown since then and it is our commitment to offer high quality products to ensure you great baking results. We take special care in the packaging, handling and shipping of all our products. There is great joy in receiving emails from customers after they recreate the caramelized flavor of Belgian pearl sugar in Liège waffles at home. With Waffle Pantry, there's no need to fly across the world for gourmet European desserts. Our ingredients can help you create them in the comfort of your own kitchen!