Wholesale Pricing: Waffle Mix & Pearl Sugar

About Us

Waffle Pantry began with the discovery of Liege waffles and a dream the very first bite hatched. The dream to share Liege waffles with the world bloomed and we’re now a growing team of of young, multicultural foodies based in sunny California. Our focus is to offer the best in authentic products and create an exchange of ideas, recipes and different approaches to creating great food, especially Liege waffles, at home. 
Our closeness to the source of the Belgian sugar pearls means our customers receive greater savings and a promise of exceptional quality. We serve a diversity of customers, ranging from budding home bakers to established large-scale bakeries. There’s no amount of pearl sugar that is too great or small for our patrons. Waffle Pantry offers only the best in authentic ingredients and taking extra care in packaging, handling and shipping all our products. Our discerning approach means a limited selection of the best options to create Liege waffle perfection at home. 
Our guiding passion has always been waffles. The team has developed unparalleled expertise in Belgian pearl sugar and Liege waffles from years of tasting, testing and learning. We enjoy sharing this know-how and welcome comments and questions over email, phone or social media. Connecting with customers to answer questions and hear tales of baking success is a great source of joy.  Our customers often rave about the taste of caramelized Belgian pearl sugar, how foolproof our recipes are and the ease of mastering the art of baking Liege waffles at home. 
There's no need to fly across the world for gourmet European desserts. Our ingredients help you create them in the comfort of your own kitchen. From our pantry to yours!