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Waffle Pantry Gluten Free Liege Waffle Mix, 32 oz

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Wholesale Pricing: Waffle Mix & Pearl Sugar

Waffle Pantry Gluten Free Liege Waffle Mix, 32 oz

Your waffle experience just got more exciting with Waffle Pantry's Gluten Free Liege waffle mix. Uniquely formulated with all-natural ingredients and Waffle Pantry's famous Belgian Pearl Sugar, our gluten free mix combines irresistible flavors with no trace of gluten. Whether you’re following a gluten free diet or not, you’ll love the taste of our authentic Gluten Free Liege Waffle Mix! Wholesale pricing is available so add delicious Liege waffles to your menu today! For more product information, visit our blog for full details about our Gluten Free Liege Waffle Mix.


  • Total Mix Yield (32 oz) = +/-18 Gluten Free Liege waffles (each 100 g or 3.5 oz) 


★ Waffle Pantry Glute Free Liege Waffle Mix (32 oz)

★ Waffle Pantry Pearl Sugar (16 oz)

★ Lesaffre SAF-Instant Red Yeast (2 x 7 g)


  • Hot water
  • Butter
  • Eggs


  • Gluten free
  • 100% natural


  • Contains milk, and egg.
  • Produced on equipment that processes soy.
5 reviews
I used this mix to make waffles and they are some of the best liege waffles I've had! No one believed they were gluten free and I had to keep showing the packaging as proof! The mix made waffle mixing so simple and taste just as good as homemade ones would have been. Thank you for making such tasty and quality products for home use.
5 reviews
These are devious and decadent! Like eating cotton candy. So nice to have a GF option!
5 reviews
Wonderful waffle mix! However, I would love to see just the waffle mix being sold in a 5 lb bag for the home consumer. I would love to have the option to purchase in a “non-kit” format to save money and accommodate my family. Gluten free can be delicious!
5 reviews
One of the best GF mixes I have come across!
5 reviews
Loved it. My wife recently switched to a gluten-free diet and she's really missed pancakes and waffles. When I saw this mix, I ordered it right away, and we made it this weekend. It came out great! Everyone, myself included, in the family loved the waffles. I'm sometimes skeptical of gluten-free stuff, but these were absolutely excellent. I highly recommend these for any gluten-free family.

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