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Krampouz Lolly Waffle Iron WECDSASA (120 Volts) EURODIB

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Krampouz Lolly Waffle Iron WECDSASA (120 Volts) EURODIB

For an in depth analsysis and comparison of commercial Liege waffle irons, please read our relevant blog article.

The Krampouz WECDSASA waffle maker is equipped with cast steel iron waffle plates in a stainless steel frame. The cast steel iron plates are key to any professional Lolly waffle iron, as its physical properties allow the irons to retain maximum levels of heat as well as provide homogenous heat distribution. It additionally contains a patented "Heating Element Pack" that provides optimal heat distriution throughout the iron plates. Its thermostatic control and heating indicator allows you to precisely control the cooking temperature between 122 - 572°F (30 - 300°C). This is ideal to achieve the caramelization effect of pearl sugar in Lolly Liege waffles.

The waffle iron's opening range is a full 180°, granting perfect distribution of dough over both surfaces. The design of the waffle iron allows you easy removal of the iron plates for easy and thorough cleaning. The stainless steel frame is durable and equipped with protected controls for easy care. The waffle iron also includes a drip tray to prevent spills.

Waffle Pantry is an official dealer of Krampouz products. For more information please contact us at (530) 423 5784.
Please read the Waffle Pantry Exchange & Return Policy, as this item is a special order conducted with the manufacturer.


Waffle Iron
Compliance NSF/ANSI 4
Opening 180°
Waffle Type 4 x 4 Lolly Liège
No. of Waffles 4
Waffle Size 4.2" W × 4.2" D × 1.1" H
Product Dimensions 17.3" W x 10.2" D x 8.7" H
Amperage 12
Volts 120
Watts 1440
Material Stainless Steel Frame, Cast Iron plates
Origin France
Plug Type NEMA 5-15P
2 reviews
We LOVE our lolly waffle maker. We can make 4 smaller waffles in about 3 minutes by cooking our dough at 357 Fahrenheit. The sugar caramelizes and we never burn waffles. The waffles rarely stick with seasoned plates. We cook waffles in a food truck and this press works great! No issues with recovery time or consistency. We can cook back-to-back waffles all day without an issue. It even comes with some lolly sticks to get you started with waffle pops. We're even thinking about adding another of these waffle makers very soon!
2 reviews
We are loving our new Krampouz Lolly Waffle Iron. We discussed this waffle on the phone before ordering through Waffle Pantry. This machine is excellent and very heavy duty. After seasoning the cast irons, we began cooking test batches and have been slightly disappointed with this machines inability to hold a high temperature. We are cooking at 475 f for 2.5 minutes. It then requires the irons 3 minutes to recover to temperature between cooks. This machine will not be able to keep up with our production demands, instead we will need two machines working at the same time and being used alternately to meet our expectations. The image in the web description above shows the thermostat controls on the long side of the machine, this is how it should be. We received a machine with the controls along the short side, which will never be facing the operator. This waffle iron would be 5 stars all day but for the shortcomings I have mentioned, I am lowering the rating to a 4 star.
@Please note that the recovery type strongly depends on how long you leave the iron open in-between batches. You preferably want to minimize the time the iron remains open to contain the built up heat more efficiently. Also we recommend lowering the temperate to 365F and cooking you waffles for 4 minutes instead. 365F is also the manufacturer recommended temperature. If you need to reduce the cooking time, it is advised to par-bake the waffles ahead of time for 2 minutes and reheat them in the iron when they are ordered for another 2 minutes.

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