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Waffle Pantry Belgian Speculoos Spread, 6.6 lb

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Waffle Pantry Belgian Speculoos Spread, 6.6 lb

Waffle Pantry's speculoos spread is made from 60% speculoos biscuits that are finely ground to a creamy delicious spread. This delectable spread is made with freshly baked speculoos biscuits, prepared into a caramelized cookie butter spread.

Our speculoos spread is made from a unique formula of relatively a high biscuit to low sugar content. This special formula gives our speculoos spread an enhanced ultra-rich flavor and long-lasting aftertaste for your tastebuds to indulge in. Our Belgian speculoos spread makes a great topping on Liege waffles, crepes, cakes, breads and fruit alike. For those who can't resist, it can of course be enjoyed on its own, too.

Waffle Pantry's Speculoos spread originates from the historic Meetjesland region, located in the north-west of the province East Flanders in Belgium. Meetjesland is famous for its centuries-old “Zoetekoeke” recipe, a form of gingerbread from which the modern speculoos originates from.

Product Feautres:

  • Made from 60% speculoos biscuits
  • Economical 6.6-lb bucket
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Product of Belgium
  • Ideal for Liege waffles, crepes, cakes, and breads alike

Storage Requirements:

  • Ambient Temperature 63-73°F (17-23°C)

Shelf Life:

  • 9 months

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