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Waffle Pantry Liege Waffle Mix Bulk

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Wholesale Pricing: Waffle Mix & Pearl Sugar

Waffle Pantry Liege Waffle Mix Bulk

Bake Liege waffles with ease and simplify the process with Waffle Pantry's Liege Waffle Mix. Painstakingly developed to match the taste of our highly regarded and authentic Belgian Liege waffle recipe, this waffle mix is made with quality ingredients and Waffle Pantry-brand pearl sugar. Wholesale pricing is available so add delicious Liege waffles to your menu today! For more product information, visit our blog for full details about our Liege Waffle Mix. You are also able to make authentic French crepes with our Liege waffle mix! Simply add milk, butter, and eggs. You can find the full recipe for French crepes using our Liege waffle mix on our blog.




  • Total Mix Yield (55 lb) = +/-500 Liege waffles (each 100 g or 3.5 oz) 


★ Waffle Pantry Liege Waffle Mix (55 lb)

★ Waffle Pantry Pearl Sugar (18 lb)

★ Lesaffre SAF-Instant Gold Yeast (1 lb)


  • Hot water
  • Butter
  • Eggs


  • Kosher Dairy Certified (OU-D)

  • 100% natural


  • Contains milk, wheat, and egg.
  • Produced on equipment that processes soy.

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