French T55 Flour: The Preferred Choice for Liege Waffles

When it comes to baking Liege waffles, the flour used in the recipe can make all the difference. For budding bakers, we’re happy to provide a quick flour guide for spectacular Liege waffles so let’s dive into flour basics. Flours come in several varieties, each suited for different baking needs. Distinguishing between flours falls on…

  1. TYPE: The grain from which the flour is made, such as wheat, rye, barley or buckwheat.
  2. BRAN: How much of the outside of the grain (bran) remains in the flour. The purest, whitest flour (though not necessarily the best) contains only the innermost part of the grain, while the others contain a variable proportion of bran, right up to whole: wholemeal flour.
  3. PROTEIN: Protein helps create the gluten which acts as the structure of dough. More protein usually means a chewier result; less protein a more tender outcome.
  4. ASH CONTENT: This indicates the mineral content of flour. A higher ash content usually equates to more protein in a flour. The greater the ash content, the more fermentation and rising activity. For this reason, less yeast can be used in dough made with a high ash content flour to prevent overly rapid fermentation.

To achieve the rich and complex flavors of Liege waffles, pastry flour is best. We wanted to bring the same high quality gourmet ingredients used in European kitchens to our customers. After all, the aim is to match the true taste of delicious Belgian Liege waffles. Following our tireless pursuit of the proper flour for this endeavor, we’re happy to introduce Francine’s French T55 flour to you.  This flour variety has been produced by Francine since 2009 and has the added bonus of a commitment to the protection of the environment through organic farming.

The high standards by which French brands process and mill flour are apparent as soon as you form a dough or take a bite of the baked goods made with this flour. We recommend it for use in cakes, croissants, brioches, crepes and any recipes that call for pastry flour. The look and taste of the baked goods are destined to be simply flawless.

Wondering what T55 on the package means? In France, the proportion of bran in the flour is indicated by a type (T). The number following T indicates the ash ratio of the flour or the proportion of minerals remaining after the flour has been burned at 900°C. The higher this number, the higher the proportion of bran present in the flour. The number 55 denotes 0.55% ash remaining. As an example, a T55 French flour is whiter than a T65 flour. Flour types are not defined by a numbered standard in the United States and the ash mass is rarely labelled by flour manufacturers.

Bakers in the know swear by baking with French flours. Francine’s organic wheat pastry flour is a superb choice. The unique properties that come from flour grown and milled in France will give you a taste of Europe without ever having to leave home. Have you tried baking with French flour before?

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