Frequently Asked Questions about Liège Waffles and Belgian Pearl Sugar


What are Liège waffles?

Often known as gaufres de Liège in Belgium, Liège waffles are thick, golden, yeasted waffles studded with caramelized pockets of Belgian pearl sugar.  You might recognize them from a favorite food truck or cafe.

Can I use any pearl sugar in Liège waffles?

There are two main types of pearl sugar, Belgian and Swedish, and the two are quite different in size and texture. Authentic Liège waffles are baked with Belgian pearl sugar as it can withstand higher baking temperatures than the Swedish variety.


Can I freeze Liège waffle dough with the pearl sugar?

Sure! But we recommend thawing frozen dough and then waiting until just before baking to fold in pearl sugar. Check out our guide to making and freezing Liège waffle dough here.

Do I need a special waffle iron to make Liège waffles?

Liège waffles are thicker than the average waffle. This is due to the expansion of the brioche-like dough during the baking process. We recommend a waffle iron with deep pockets (0.7 in to 1 in) for the best results. A waffle iron with adjustable heat is also suggested for precise temperature control to ensure the sugar caramelizes and the waffles gain a beautiful, golden crust. We offer a selection of waffle irons tested and hand-picked for Liège waffle baking.


Do I need special flour to make Liège waffles?

All-purpose flour works well in recipes. If you prefer waffles with more texture, try using bread flour.  If case of a wheat allergy, you may also substitute with an appropriate flour such as rice flour.

We hope you found these answers helpful! Happy baking!

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