Picking the Best Belgian Pearl Sugar

Baking with Belgian pearl sugar is a special thing. Each unassuming pearl contains the promise of a delicious burst of sweetness. Each brand has their own secret and protected method of creating the sugar pearls (something that’s impossible to do at home) and there lies the difference.


What to look for when you shop for Belgian pearl sugar:


High quality Belgian sugar pearls are a gorgeous, rich white color. When holding up the sugar pearls to the light, you’ll see the color is opaque. Be wary of pearl sugar that appears translucent, this may indicate a lower melting point and density. You want sugar that won’t easily dissolve or break apart. A deeper white color often signals a higher density and a higher melting point which makes it possible for the pearl sugar not to burn during the baking process and instead caramelize.


Our special method of compressing the sugar into a perfectly dense pearl helps the sugar stay in tact until its time to bake. Given the super thick and sticky texture of Liege waffle dough, this quality is important for true caramelization and the signature crunch of these special waffles.  For recipes like cakes and cookies, Belgian pearl sugar must have the correct density in order to create the proper look and texture.  A pearl sugar with a lower density will not deliver the same results.



Sugar should be just sugar, right? We agree. Our pearl sugar is made of just that—100% non-GMO, natural beet sugar. No additives have been added to bind our pearls together.


Not all Belgian pearl sugar is the same. There is absolutely a difference that comes from the proprietary methods of producing the sugar.  Waffle Pantry promises a superior Belgian pearl sugar and we are very proud of our pure and delicious sugar pearls.  As with all baking, we encourage you to choose the best ingredients for the best results!

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