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Patisse Waffle Fork

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Patisse Waffle Fork

A visit to the local Belgian bake shop reveals the single tool every professional gaufre baker has in common—a lightweight, two prong waffle fork. Constructed of durable stainless steel, the waffle fork will keep Liege waffles in perfect shape as you effortlessly move them from iron to plate. The slim design of the fork’s tines means easy access to waffles without contact to the iron’s plates, allowing non-stick surfaces to stay in pristine condition. Clean up is a breeze; simply place in your dishwasher for the next wash. This product is imported from the Netherlands.

  • Lightweight design provides an easy and secure grip
  • Metallic finish
  • 100% stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Measures 13" L x 3" W x 1" H
  • BPA-free
  • Made in Netherlands

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2 reviews
What a great little tool this is! Wish I had known such a thing existed 40 years ago! Anyway, it is a well crafted tool and is perfect for lifting those melted-sugar-hot waffles off of the iron. I see a second one of these in my future (because you always need more than one of a good tool).
2 reviews
Easiest way to take your waffles off of the waffle maker without messing up the shape!

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