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Krampouz Heating Element 120V

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Krampouz Heating Element 120V

Only compatible with the following Krampouz models:

WECCHCAS (120 Volts) - Hatco KWM09.1LG47515
WECDHAAS (120 Volts) - Hatco KWM18.1LG47515
WECDBAAS (120 Volts) - Hatco KWM18.1BR46515
WECDSASA (120 Volts) - Hatco KWM18.4SK413515
WECCBCAS (120 Volts) - Hatco KWM09.1BR46515
WECCCCAS (120 Volts) - Hatco KWM09.1RO7515
WECDCAAS (120 Volts) - Hatco KWM18.1RO7515
WECDUASA (120 Volts) - Hatco KWM18.1BU515

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