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Lesaffre SAF-Instant Yeast (Red)

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Lesaffre SAF-Instant Yeast (Red)

Originating in nothern France, the Lesaffre SAF-Instant Yeast brand is recognized around the world as a top choice for baking and leader of the international dried yeast market. Lesaffre is singularly authentic, unique and innovative.

Perfect for your favorite recipes that call for active dry yeast or instant yeast. Lesaffre's SAF-Instant® Yeast Red Label is fast-acting, long-lasting, and popular in professional and home kitchens everywhere.

Lesaffre SAF-Instant Yeast is the baking professional's brand of choice and now home bakers can add it to their arsenal of ingredients. Whatever your baking project, Lesaffre offers superior fermenting power and wonderful stability. From our pantry to yours!


  • Gluten-free.
  • Vegan-friendly.
  • GMO-free.
  • Contains no artificial flavors or colors.
  • Certified Kosher Parve.
  • Vacuum packed to ensure freshness, consistency and minimal activity loss.
  • Easy to scale and measure.
  • No need to proof or pre-dissolve before baking.
  • Reduces mixing time by 10 to 30% and shortens rising time by up to 50%.
  • Provides uniform fermentation through baking process.
  • Single pound (16 ounce) portion.


SAF-Instant® Yeast Red Label is recommended for the following baked goods:

  • Belgian Liege Waffles
  • Bagels
  • Baguettes
  • Crackers
  • English Muffins
  • Flat Breads
  • Pan Breads
  • Croissants
  • Hearth Breads
  • Sweet Breads
  • Sweet Dough
  • Donuts
  • Pizza Dough


Recommended shelf life for unopened package is two years from date of manufacture. Once opened, store in airtight container at room temperature for 6 months or in the freezer for 12+ months. 

15 reviews
I have loved SAF yeast for decades and I don't need to review it here. It's awesome! What I really want to review is the Waffle Pantry store. I recently placed an order and they took such good care of me that I told many friends and they also ordered from Waffle Pantry. Their customer service is legendary and their packaging and ship time can't be beat. I will DEFINITELY order from them again and again!
15 reviews
Andra review is exactly what happened to me. Thank you for fast shipping and excellent service.
15 reviews
As most other recent reviews here due to Covid 19, there was no yeast to be found in the stores and Amazon had sky high prices such as 2 of the small 3 pack of Red Star for $21. I searched and found Saf yeast here. Price was still reasonable even with shipping. My yeast was shipped the same day and arrived 2 days later. I don't know anything about waffle making but will always come back here to Waffle Pantry to get my yeast because of their excellent service and not taking advantage of people already struggling by raising the price of essential ingredients. THANKS A MILLION!!!
15 reviews
I was in need of yeast and wanted to try this brand. I looked online and because the COVID 19 situation had impacted supply chain most places were sold out. My local grocery stores were also out of little packets of regular brands of yeast! Your store had SAF in stock and although slightly higher price, was still reasonably priced, and available so I ordered. It shipped the same day and arrived within 2 days! You do pay for the 2 day shipping but in these times it was worth it. Very pleased with the availability and service. I will be ordering from you again.
15 reviews
Waffle Pantry was such a good find !!! Was in real need of dry yeast, that brand specifically: it’s hard to find_ but they have here and fast shipping! Already received my order & baking tons with it! Thank uuuuuu!

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