Pearl Sugar Is Just A Click Away

When a recipe calls for Belgian pearl sugar, there simply is no substitute. The earmarks of Belgian pearl sugar in baked goods—pockets of glorious crunchy sweetness—are impossible to miss and addictive to the palate. Many who have had the pleasure of living or traveling in Belgium are often left wondering where to buy pearl sugar once away. Through the magic of the internet, there’s no need to pack a bag and fly across the globe to get your hands on pearl sugar. Simply stop by the Waffle Pantry shop, where you’ll find Belgian sugar pearls stocked in two different sizes in various portions to meet all your baking needs.

where to buy pearl sugar

As always, Waffle Pantry is proud to offer true imported Belgian pearl sugar, derived from 100% beet sugar.  The best pearl sugar you can get outside of Belgium will always be Belgium-made!

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