Size Matters

Wondering which pearl sugar to use in your Liege waffle recipe?

Belgian Nib Sugar Size

Pearl sugar comes in more than one form. This includes Swedish and Belgian and within the Belgian variety, Belgian pearl sugar can come in additional sizes with each having its own specific culinary use. Knowing precisely which size to use is simple. But first, a quick guide to Belgian pearl sugar. Belgian pearl sugar is comprised of sugar granules that are densely compacted to form chunks.  The denseness is the secret behind the delightful caramelization found in traditional Belgian Liège waffles. Pearl sugar can withstand higher cooking temperatures and greater moisture levels than traditional sugar, imparting a unique crunch to baked goods.


Waffle Pantry offers only the gold standard in size for Liege waffles. This means each and every pearl of sugar measures 5.6 to 8.0 mm.  Our pearl sugar is imported from Belgium, so you can rest assured that identical sugar pearls are added to waffle dough by bakers in Belgium.  We’ve selected only the size that’ll give you easy and dependable caramelization during the waffle baking process.


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