Tea Time

A touch of sweetness can help your favorite teas shine, bringing out subtleties in flavor that you may not have noticed before. Belgian pearl sugar pairs wonderfully with tea whether you take it at breakfast or, as the English like it, at an afternoon tea.

Options for tea are bountiful and many varieties offer health benefits that may help your body fight against heart disease, cancer and clogged arteries. The secret lies in tea’s trove of flavonoids and antioxidants.

Whether you like your tea leaves loose or bagged, there is a tea for every taste and mood. Here are a few of our favorite teas that pair deliciously with Belgian sugar pearls:

Green Tea: Perfect if you like a touch of caffeine. When brewed properly, fresh grassy and vegetal notes emerge.

Chamomile Tea: Free of caffeine and wonderful for the digestive tract.


Ginger Tea: Adds a touch of spice to your tea. Ginger can be added fresh or dried, with or without other tea leaves.  Adding a little citrus, such as lemon or orange, makes the tea even more delectable.

Mint Tea: Free of caffeine, but big on minty taste. This tea is made simply by plucking fresh mint leaves and adding to hot water.


Petals—beautiful on the eyes and palate!

Flower Tea: Add a few petals to create a blend with other tea leaves. Petals impart a delightful floral taste. Rose and lavender are superb options that are particularly suited to tea-making.

During the warmer months, try cold-brewing your teas by filling a pitcher with cool water and allowing the leaves to steep for 4 to 8 hours in the refrigerator. We recommend covering your container to keep flavors fresh. Mix in Belgian pearl sugar when you’re ready to serve. Voila, a delicious beverage for your loved ones!

What are some of your favorite teas?

(Images courtesy of A Girl With Tea via Flickr)

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