Our Favorite Liege Waffle Toppings

authentic-liege-waffles-blogA Belgian pearl sugar-studded Liege waffle is perfection in and of itself. But many of us in the Waffle Pantry kitchen can’t help but dress them with fresh and delicious combinations of fruit, chocolate and other additions most of us already have stocked in the kitchen.


Anything you sprinkle on top of pancakes will work wonderfully with Liege waffles. Ripe bananas and toasted walnuts are simple yet sublime.


Liege waffles à la mode. Savor the contrast between the warm, crunchy texture of the yeasted Liege waffle mingling with cool, creamy ice cream. Vanilla and strawberry ice cream are a good start. You can graduate to richer flavors if your taste buds desire more punch.


Now, what many of us consider to be the best topping of all – a hearty layer of chocolate. Dipped Liege waffles are wildly easy to make but look as though you’ve put in twice the effort. Nothing goes better with a cup of tea or coffee.


Have we inspired you to break out your sugar pearls and bake a delicious brunch this weekend?

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  1. Bill Silverstein says

    I make liege waffles for my family every Sunday (actually a double batch of 10 every few weeks and freeze portions). The standard family “topping” is melted chocolate morsels on the plate with a waffle, mixed berries, and whip cream on top. I skip the chocolate and pour a hot glaze of orange marmalade and cointreau (orange liqueur) over the berries. I mix a heaping teaspoon of marmalade and 2 or 3 level teasooons of cointreau and microwave for 24 seconds. We never get tired of our Sunday waffles.

    • Lisa at Waffle Pantry says

      Those are truly gourmet toppings. What a delicious way to keep your weekly Liege waffle tradition fresh. Thank you for sharing, Bill!

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