Cooking With Belgian Pearl Sugar

A customer recently sent in a question asking, “Can Belgian pearl sugar be used in baking and cooking?” The answer is yes and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised too.

WafflePantry-Cooking-With-Belgian-Sugar-PearlsBelgian pearl sugar can do more than give your homemade Liege waffles a delightful caramelized crunch. It can also elevate other recipes, both sweet and savory.  The sugar pearls impart a subtle and smooth sweetness to your dishes.  In fact, we’ve found that Belgian pearl sugar’s gentle sweetness brings out other flavors, such as delicate herbs and savory cheeses.

Here’s how. You can substitute Belgian pearl sugar in place of table sugar, one to one.  If a recipe calls for a cup of plain white sugar, you can simply use a cup of Belgian pearl sugar in its place. This is possible because the Belgian sugar pearls are comprised of densely pack sugar granules, giving you an identical amount of sweetness.

In recipes where sugar is heated in a sauce or other liquid, you can substitute without any extra effort. However, for recipes that require creaming (mixing butter and sugar to achieve a light and fluffy consistency), we recommend using a food processor to give the sugar pearls a finer texture.

Give it a try and tell us how your recipe turns out!

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