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Francine French Wheat Flour T45 (Pack of 2)

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Francine French Wheat Flour T45 (Pack of 2)

French T45 flour is a soft and fine wheat flour, often referred to in French as farine de gruau or pastry flour. Imported from Europe, Francine flour is sourced from wheat that's locally grown and skillfully milled in France. With an ash ratio of 0.45% (T45) and 10% of protein, this wheat flour assures ideal fermentation and rising of a variety of doughs.

In European kitchens, T45 flour is famous for its application in viennoiseries, particularly in croissants and brioches. This is due to the fluffy, light, and flaky quality that the flour lends to baked goods. French bakers like to use T45 flour in combination with its harder parent T55 bread flour when preparing yeast-leavened dough. For perfect Liege waffles, we recommend a mixture of incorporating T45 flour into a mixture of predominantly T55 flour.

  • 2.2-lb (1-kg) portion
  • Flour type T45 (0.45% ash content)
  • 10% protein
  • Perfect in a variety of recipes including pastries, breads, crusts, and more.

Francine is committed to the protection of the environment and the development of organic farming with responsible growing, preserving and processing of wheat.

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